Bespoke picture framers - Company Message
What We Use

Our handmade, bespoke frames use the very best materials to protect and enhance your work.

Andy hand finishing a frame with forest green stainThe frames
We have an extensive range of contemporary and traditional frames on display for you to choose from.  All our chevrons can be placed next to your work to make your decision an easier one.  We have a wide range of natural wood mouldings which can be hand finished in a variety of colours.

The mount
We use acid-free and conservation materials to ensure your work is well protected. We have an endless array of colours to choose from including numerous shades of white right through to bright and vibrant colours.

We use a computerised mount cutter, so our finished mounts are extremely accurate, with neat corners.  We can design and cut mounts to fit your items, and can cut lettering or decorative shapes.

Artwork is mounted in the most appropriate way on a case by case basis.  We have no one size fits all policy.  We try, wherever possible, to make sure mounting is reversible.  We use acid free tapes.  For items that require we have a Hotpress and can vacuum press items for a flat stable finish.  We also have cold press rollers.  For delicate items, such as fabric we often hand sew the item to an acid free backing board.

Emma hand sewing a fabric picture to acid free mount board.

Added embellishments...
We make use of fillets, covered bevels, v-grooves, double mounts and deep lined frames to create stunning efffects and time lasting pieces of art.

Covered Bevel gold

A stretched tapestry mounted                                  A fine art print mounted
using a fillet and v-grooves.                                       using an antique gold
                                                                                  covered bevel.
Covered Bevel SilverAntique silver covered bevel.

The glass
We can advise on the most suitable option depending on the kind of work you wish to frame. We stock traditional picture glass and a range of conservation and UV protection glass.

Example of 2mm float glass, Artglass AR and diffused glass
This image shows regular 2mm float glass on the left, Artglass AR in the centre and diffused glass on the right.  Artglass AR is also available with UV properties.